Distro Hopping - Mint 20.1

After breaking yet another manjaro build, I went back to the most stable Linux distro I have used so far: Linux Mint. The current version 20.1 builds on Ubuntu LTE, and Debian as previous versions do.

In one of my previous posts, I have made a few comparisons, between Mint and Manjaro.

Why choose Mint over Ubuntu?

  • New version of Ubuntu forces proprietary software. Canonical started to replace APT (Ubuntu’s package manager) with the Snap store which is not open-source but developed by them. This drove lots of users from using Ubuntu towards Mint as it is highly against Linux’s open-source philosophy.
  • Mint’s Cinnamon desktop is more lightweight and beginner friendly then Ubuntu’s Gnome.
  • Extra layer(s) of stability. When it comes to updates Mint follows Ubuntu which follows Debian. There is an obvious amount of delay in the updates, but they come out well tested and stable.
  • Mint and Ubuntu is practically the same under the hood, but Mint pushes updates that the community wants and suggests, Ubuntu pushes the will of Canonical.

What’s new in the latest Mint?

Linux Mint 20.1 uses Cinnamon 4.8, Linux kernel version 5.4 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.
You can read more about the updates here.