First post - Owning a personal site

I have created this site to kick off a journey into the current state of technology and software engineering. I will try to post regularly about my experience with different technologies, projects I’m currently working on, hardships, useful links and materials, ideas, anything which I think will benefit you.

Some topics will also be posted on Medium, Twitter or Stackoverflow based on their content. I’m adressing developers at all skill levels, people who are dealing with them and anyone who is interested in any of my topics.

Create your personal site

So as my premiere post I would like to talk about how to deploy your personal site much like this one.

You will need the following things:

  • Github account
  • A domain name (not necessary)
  • Beginner level programming skills
  • This tutorial to get started:

Use jekyll

Try to find a cool template and make it your own.

Why own a personal site?

It’s all self marketing.

As an entrepreneur in the software industry you have to declare that you don’t stand with the crowd. Sending onepager CVs to your future employer as a person who makes applications is like a salesman who promotes his products without demonstration. It might work, but it won’t make an impact.


Use feedback and other people’s ideas to make your blog better, I’ll try to achieve the same on mine as well.

If you got any notes or questions, please leave a comment below or share your own site. :)